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How it works

Step 1

Simple integration

You connect your product feed, set the budget, and campaign goal.

Step 2

New sales

We will reach new customers and thus gain new orders.

Step 3

Continuous optimization

Our AI technology automates campaigns to achieve the best results.

Key Features

AI Bidding Engine

The AI bidding mechanism, supported by a team of experienced PPC specialists, combines artificial intelligence and expertise to optimize advertising. It enhances campaign efficiency and ROI in real-time through automation over product feeds. The team of specialists ensures that strategies are tailored to the needs of each client.

We enhance the product data

With years of experience in advertising e-commerce products, we bring more precise targeting and increased campaign effectiveness. We will analyze the product feed, determine the appropriate strategy and technology will automatically enrich the necessary product data to achieve the best result.

Expansion into 20+ European countries

Enter new markets without the need to hire additional PPC specialists and sell across Europe without campaign management hassle. Selltoro is currently available in more than 20 countries.

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Products & Pricing

Pay Per Click

Payment for advertising credit + % of generated revenue
FREE For sales up to 20 000 €/month
  • Google Shopping
  • Microsoft Shopping

Pay Per Sales

Payment only for % of turnover brought in
Individual The amount of the Selltoro commission depends on individual conditions
  • Google Shopping
  • Microsoft Shopping


Payment for the management of complete campaigns
From 999€/month Individual cooperation, depending on requirements
  • Optimization of all campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Microsoft Shopping


Can I use Selltoro as a supplement to my current campaigns?

Yes, Selltoro is designed to work as an effective supplement to your existing marketing campaigns. Our platform is compatible with various marketing strategies and can help expand the reach of your current activities. With Selltoro, you can streamline ad management while leveraging our advanced automation and optimization tools, thus achieving better results without replacing your existing campaigns. Integrating Selltoro into your marketing mix can bring synergistic effects that enhance the overall effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

For the beginning of the collaboration, Selltoro does not charge a management fee until the e-shop starts generating more than 20,000 EUR per month. From this amount, we charge 1% of the revenue generated up to 100,000 EUR per month (maximum management fee of 1000€).

Additionally, our business model relies on a retroactive bonus from the revenue generated to the traffic providers.

Selltoro is suitable for a wide range of e-shops, especially those with an extensive range of products – ideally offering more than just a few dozen items. A key requirement for successful use of our platform is to have a functional and well-structured product feed, enabling efficient integration and automation of your advertising campaigns. Selltoro is designed to be compatible with nearly all types of e-shops, from small businesses to large online stores.

You can typically expect to see the first results from your campaigns managed through Selltoro within a few weeks. Our technology leverages artificial intelligence and automation, which initially observe the behavior and responses of your potential customers. This learning process typically takes a few weeks during which the system collects data, analyzes performance, and gradually improves the targeting of your ads.

Behind this platform is an experienced team of professionals who have achieved successful growth with the price comparison website Srovná, which is currently the fastest-growing comparison site in the Czech market. This team brings rich experience and expertise in digital marketing and technological development to the Selltoro project.

Additionally, all client campaigns are supervised by a team of senior PPC specialists who are responsible for ensuring proper functionality.

  1. We do not provide Comprehensive Marketing Strategy – Selltoro excels in automating and optimizing PPC campaigns for e-shops, but creating a comprehensive marketing strategy is beyond its scope and requires in-depth knowledge of the entire marketing spectrum, which is best provided by specialized marketing agencies or experienced in-house teams.
  2. Selltoro effectively supports the promotion of your e-shop, but our services are not suitable for markets where you do not have an established e-shop or cannot provide delivery. For a successful advertising campaign, it is crucial that your products are available and deliverable in the target country.
  3. The effectiveness of our advertising campaigns also depends significantly on the quality of your e-shop, including the clarity of product descriptions. Without these foundations, significant results cannot be expected because user experience is key to converting visitors into customers.

Official CSS partnership with Google and Microsoft.

We excel in product advertising. Thanks to our years of experience and direct collaboration with Google and Microsoft, we have firsthand access to all the latest innovations.

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