Selltoro's CSS in France: €124,323 brought in revenue over two months

Vertbaudet is a French brand specializing in the world of children. The brand offers a wide selection of products, ranging from clothing for babies and children to childcare, toys, and all the furniture, bedding, and decorations needed to furnish your children’s rooms

Successful entry into the Western market with Vertbaudet

In France, we conducted market research where we identified several key candidates to whom we offered collaboration, and Vertbaudet was one of them.

Shortly after entering the French market, we established a partnership with this e-commerce store, which we are continuing to expand. The involvement of this advertiser took place in September, and from that month, we started promoting their extensive range of products.

Thanks to the wide range of products (over 35 thousand items), we had the opportunity to initially test various categories and targeting options. This allowed us to find interesting opportunities that we gradually began to scale and optimize. The commission and COS settings we set up together allowed us to set higher daily limits, which quickly established the advertising and enabled us to work with various offer strategies.

Among the best-selling categories through our promotional channel are wooden and educational toys for children, and after two months of collaboration, we are now celebrating nearly 2000 conversions and continuing to grow.

Engaged Channels​

Measured period: 1st September 2023 - 30th October2023

Generated revenue
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Clicks during the measured period

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Yes, you can have multiple partners involved simultaneously and even run your own internal promotions. This way, you’ll achieve a broader reach and gain an edge over the competition.

No, it doesn’t compete. Google doesn’t see CSS partner ads as competition because they target from one domain. Partners don’t increase CPC; instead, they provide more space for your products in the Google Shopping tool.

It depends on the type of involvement with Selltoro. If you opt for a direct involvement, you can find our pricing HERE at the bottom of the page. If you want us to integrate you from the affiliate network you already collaborate with, just let us know, and the integration is free. Subsequently, you only pay a pre-set commission for the orders brought in.