Automated PPC advertising helps small e-shops keep up with the competition

Few people in the e-commerce world today can do without PPC advertising. However, with increasing competition, it is becoming harder and more expensive to get a foothold in the online environment. Smaller e-shops in particular are at a disadvantage, as they cannot afford agencies or marketing specialists. That’s why last year we started developing solutions to make things easier for them. After about a year of testing with selected partners, we are now launching a “live” version of Selltoro.

How it works?

We work with artificial intelligence and the idea that anyone can have professional advertising. The goal, in short, was to create a product that offers small e-shops the capabilities of the big players without having to pay expensive specialists.

This consists in automated PPC advertising for Google, Bing and some other platforms. For an e-shop, this is more than easy. Just link the service to your product feed, add a pixel and set a budget, our technology will take care of the rest. Of course, under the supervision of experienced PPC specialists. Speed matters, so the algorithm starts working just a few hours after the basic setup. Moreover, automation doesn’t mean that you don’t have control over the further development of your ad at all. On the contrary. In our client section, you can monitor your data at any time of the day, adjust your preferences and enjoy the results your advertising delivers.

We open the door to Europe for you

Do you want to expand your products or services beyond the borders of the Czech Republic? Selltoro will take you to more than 20 European countries. You don’t have to deal with foreign channels and specialists, text translations or anything else. This is a feature that is appreciated even by larger e-shops that use Selltoro as an addition to their current marketing mix. It opens up a much easier path to foreign expansion, which they can’t do without the right marketing setup.

Czech market flooded by foreign giants - and expensive advertising

We knew from the beginning that Selltoro would help Czech e-shops a lot in marketing. The events of the last few months have confirmed this for us. Several foreign giants have entered the Czech market, led by Chinese Temu or marketplace platform Allegro. For Czech shops, this means not only more pressure, as they have to contend with the often absurdly low prices of competing retailers, but also much more expensive online advertising. The aforementioned small e-shops in particular fall into the trap because they cannot keep up with the millions of dollars of marketing budgets of their competitors. That’s why we believe that Selltoro will become a reliable weapon for them in the next competitive battle.

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