Navigating Diverse Markets: Triumphs and Trials of Multi-Market Advertising

Natures Finest

Nature’s Finest by Nutrisslim offers 100% natural, additive-free products, sourced sustainably from small farmers worldwide, promoting transparency, purity, and ethical practices.

Global Presence, Local Challenges

Engaging the advertiser across a vibrant spectrum of markets (HU, SK, PL, CZ, IT, ES, NL, DE, FR, RO, UK), we encountered specific challenges related to varying product volumes despite a well-established brand presence.

The ambitious vision to enlist CSS Partners in every country set the stage for a collaborative adventure to amplify the brand’s reach.  However, initial market launches were not uniformly successful, necessitating ongoing efforts to fine-tune campaign strategies for optimal performance.

Despite these challenges, our approach saw significant success in the Netherlands and Hungary, yielding approximately 50 monthly conversions. This success served as a testament to our tailored supplementary channel, complementing the client’s internal campaigns.

Engaged Channels​

Measured period: 1st June 2023 - 30th August 2023

Generated revenue
Number of Conversions
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Clicks during the measured period

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Yes, you can have multiple partners involved simultaneously and even run your own internal promotions. This way, you’ll achieve a broader reach and gain an edge over the competition.

No, it doesn’t compete. Google doesn’t see CSS partner ads as competition because they target from one domain. Partners don’t increase CPC; instead, they provide more space for your products in the Google Shopping tool.

It depends on the type of involvement with Selltoro. If you opt for a direct involvement, you can find our pricing HERE at the bottom of the page. If you want us to integrate you from the affiliate network you already collaborate with, just let us know, and the integration is free. Subsequently, you only pay a pre-set commission for the orders brought in.