Increase your sales with guaranteed ROAS

With years of experience in affiliate marketing and technology, we bring you new customers whether you are an Affiliate Network, SaaS business or Marketing Agency.

Partnership possibilities

For Affiliate Networks

Be seen with risk-free advertising

Increase your online visibility and gain a competitive advantage with our innovative advertising services. We promote your products in our comparison tool and actively distribute them on platforms such as Google Shopping and Microsoft Ads. Without fear of financial risk, we offer you a revolutionary approach to advertising – we cover the cost of promotion and you only pay a commission on actual sales through our promotional channel. Keep up with the competition, build brand awareness and watch your sales grow with our powerful advertising solutions.

For SaaS platforms

Our API looks forward to meeting your

Increase your customers’ revenue. With our joint integration, we automatically get them into marketing channels to effectively promote their products. Years of experience, coupled with direct partnerships with Google and Microsoft, allow us to be the first to access all the latest innovations.

For Marketing agencies

A new efficient channel for your clients

Increase your customers’ revenue. With a small budget, human administration may not pay off. With our technology, we’ll get marketing going for even smaller e-commerce stores. We function as an effective performance channel to complement your marketing mix.

How does affiliate partnership work?

Step 1

Choosing a network

Select your affiliate network and contact us.

Step 2

Feed linking

Connect the XML feed and set up tracking.

Step 3

New sales

Get new sales with guaranteed ROAS.

“Selltoro is one of the leading CSS partners in the eHUB network. We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Selltoro, whether it’s in terms of results, communication, issue resolution, or other matters that may arise in the course of our collaboration. We see Selltoro as a stable and rapidly growing player among CSS partners, and we are pleased that we can assist them in their growth through our affiliate programs.​”

Lukáš Jabůrek, Affiliate Manager, eHub​

“Selltoro is one of the top performing CSS partners in our affiliate network. In addition to the high number of orders they are able to bring to e-shops, I also very much appreciate their professional approach and openness to work with smaller e-shops or e-shops with specific product offerings. Communication with Kristýna is always very pleasant, I never have to wait long for a reply and I always have the guarantee that what we agree on is valid. I look forward to the fact that together we can bring more and more orders to the e-shops :)”

Zuzana Riglerová, Relationship Manager, Dognet

Get in touch with us.

Kristyna Grobnerova


Most companies offering CSS Partner charge a monthly fee for the service. In the case of affiliation network, it is enough to
agree with the CSS service. The publisher begins to advertise and you pay the established commission only for conversions. So
allowing CSS does not carry any risk for the advertiser.

No, it won’t. Google does not see CSS Partner advertisements as competitors because they target from one domain. Partners do
not increase CPC. On the contrary, they add more space for your products in Google Purchases.

Yes, it is. You can have multiple partners. You will get a larger reach that way

One e-shop can have a campaign in Google Purchases directly under Google in Google Ads and collaborate with several CSS
Partners, which do not negatively affect each other. On the contrary, they bring a larger reach for the advertiser.

No, they don’t. CSS services do not see your Ads, nor do they have direct access to your Merchant Center. You do not lose
internal data and do not lose your know-how.