One month into the promotion: ROAS 13,557% and conversion rate 6.9%


Mr. Cleaner is one of the leaders in the automotive industry’s supplementary range in Poland. Since 2009, Mr. Cleaner has been working on enhancing the appearance of vehicles.

How did we achieve a conversion rate of 6.9% in one quarter?

At the beginning of 2023, we focused on finding advertisers to strengthen our CSS presence in the Polish market. In March 2023, we established a strategic partnership with the e-shop.

They provided us with their product feed, which we thoroughly reviewed and optimized. We created a customized advertising campaign for MrCleaner’s products. Our primary focus was on logically structuring the campaign and organizing products into relevant groups based on price ranges. After preparing the campaign, we launched it and began the next steps of our optimization. These steps primarily involved adjusting our bidding strategy, which we monitored regularly. After achieving the necessary number of conversions, we started working with automated bidding strategies. We also reviewed search queries and gradually added negative keywords to prevent ads from appearing on irrelevant searches.

Our targeted promotion aligned with MrCleaner’s brand and market position, resulting in increased visibility and engagement among the target audience. This demonstrates the power of strategic collaboration and data-driven optimizations, leading to genuine growth and success.

Engaged Channels

Measured period: Q2 2023 (1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023)

Generated revenue
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Conversion Rate
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Yes, you can have multiple partners involved simultaneously and even run your own internal promotions. This way, you’ll achieve a broader reach and gain an edge over the competition.

No, it doesn’t compete. Google doesn’t see CSS partner ads as competition because they target from one domain. Partners don’t increase CPC; instead, they provide more space for your products in the Google Shopping tool.

It depends on the type of involvement with Selltoro. If you opt for a direct involvement, you can find our pricing HERE at the bottom of the page. If you want us to integrate you from the affiliate network you already collaborate with, just let us know, and the integration is free. Subsequently, you only pay a pre-set commission for the orders brought in.