Success with the Romanian advertiser: Every month, an additional 100 conversions alongside our own promotion

About Fashion for You

At FashionForYou, the emphasis lies in acknowledging the influence of personal style, illustrating how attire can articulate the distinct individuality and self-assurance of each woman. The store acknowledges the quest for a unique persona shaped through style, catering specifically to customers seeking quality as a means of self-expression, recognizing that garments often serve as a reflection of our identity.

Selltoro's Approach and Achievements in Romania's Fashion Segment

Our collaboration with the e-shop began in March 2023. Since then, we’ve been working together to achieve better results.

The fashion segment is often oversaturated, making promotion more challenging. Nevertheless, with FashionForYou, we quickly achieved excellent results shortly after integrating into their promotion.

The goal was to increase the overall turnover of the e-shop and expand the brand’s reach. After the initial check of the XML feed, we created a Shopping campaign for the advertiser, segmented into individual categories based on price levels. We focused on these and adjusted bidding for each category. We also concentrated on search queries, regularly excluding those to ensure that ads appeared on users’ relevant queries. Regular special offers on website allowed us to adjust the overall bidding strategy based on the current offer and sale. Despite all this, we continue with optimizations that prove to be beneficial.

Currently, we deliver around 100 conversions for the advertiser every month and continue to grow.

Engaged Channels

Measured period: 1st September 2023 - 30th October2023

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Yes, you can have multiple partners involved simultaneously and even run your own internal promotions. This way, you’ll achieve a broader reach and gain an edge over the competition.

No, it doesn’t compete. Google doesn’t see CSS partner ads as competition because they target from one domain. Partners don’t increase CPC; instead, they provide more space for your products in the Google Shopping tool.

It depends on the type of involvement with Selltoro. If you opt for a direct involvement, you can find our pricing HERE at the bottom of the page. If you want us to integrate you from the affiliate network you already collaborate with, just let us know, and the integration is free. Subsequently, you only pay a pre-set commission for the orders brought in.