growth of an alternative solution


MojaLekáreň.sk is an e-shop focused on health and modern lifestyle. The main categories include a wide range of medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements, health food, cosmetics, children’s goods, pet supplies.

Problem and proposed solution

At a marketing event, we discussed the principles of CSS with representatives of the e-shop and explained the benefits of integrating our services into their processes.

Eventually an offer came from to engage CSS, as their Merchant Center was rejected and they couldn’t advertise at all at the time.

We immediately deployed shopping campaigns and were able to start advertising right away, then optimized as we went along.

After the Merchant Center was uploaded, traffic stabilized and we stayed on as a complementary CSS Partner with excluded brand targeting and steady monthly results.

Connected channels

Measurement period: Q2 2023 (1 June 2023 - 30 September 2023)

Turnover brought
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Conversion rate
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Client reviews

“We are satisfied with Selltoro as our affiliate partner. We have extra conversions every month, as well as traffic that we can then convert into remarketing. In addition, they helped us quickly and efficiently with promotion at a time when it was acute for us and we are glad for that. So we would definitely recommend Selltoro further.”